Thinning hair and hair loss facts

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Thinning hair and hair loss facts

An honest look at hair loss solutions

If you’ve done any research on thinning hair or hair loss on google, you will discover an incredible amount of false claims and incorrect information. Opposing information can frustratingly come from trusted sources.

Maybe you have talked to your doctor, maybe you’ve seen a dermatologist, and they again give you information or medication that just doesn’t seem to be working.

You are not alone.

In this blog series, we will explore all solutions for Men’s hair pattern baldness specifically. The pros and cons of each solution will be laid out in detail so you can make the right choice for you. You will understand what really works and what really doesn’t, so you don’t waste any (more?) money or time.

To begin, understanding where hair loss comes from will leave you more prepared to make decisions. The most common type of Men’s hair loss is called Androgenetic Alopecia. This is a genetically inherited type of hair loss that effects the front hairline, apex and crown area of the head. Mistakenly, it is believed that this genetic type of hair loss comes from the mothers side of the family, however, this is untrue and can come from your fathers side as well. That is why two brothers may experience hair loss at different ages, or in some cases, one brother may never experience hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by DHT(Dihydrotestosterone), an androgen inside Testosterone. It slowly miniaturizes hair follicles, causing hair to thin, before disappearing entirely. Frustratingly, there is still a lot unknown about hair loss beyond this, however scientists are working on creating a preventative drug. Most importantly to note, is that once a hair follicle is gone, it’s gone.

DHT is also responsible for everything that makes you a man, your reproductive organs and their function, your sperm count, the deepness of your voice, your increased muscle mass as well as body hair. This of course makes it complicated to create a reasonable cure, without some serious side affects.

Our next blog will explore all topical solutions and medications that are available on the market. With our years of personal experience and working with clients, we will describe in detail the ins and outs of hair loss medications.

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