How much to pay for a toupee?

Hair loss norwood scale

How much to pay for a toupee?

How much to pay for a toupee?

It’s a big question, and a personal one. Investing in your hair, especially in terms of replacement, can potentially be a lot more money than most men are accustomed to spending on their hair.

A new study has emerged surrounding balding men, and what they would do to refill that thinning, empty scalp where hair should be. The study conducted by Appalachian State University, suggests that balding men, on average, are willing to spend 30 000 dollars on a richer, fuller head of hair.

You can find the original study here, aptly titled “Willingness Toupee”

If you are not familiar with the Hamilton Norwood scale, it is a classification tool used to determine how advanced the pattern of hair loss is, pictured here.

So, How much to pay for a toupee?

What is fascinating about this study, is that men who classified themselves as a 7, would pay as much as $15,960 just to get to a classification of 4. If 4 wasn’t good enough, those men would pay upwards of $21,280 to get themselves to a 3.

36% of respondents also admitted to trying a combover or other means of concealing their hair loss.

The study, written with satire, aimed to put a financial price on mens hair and how much they value it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t touch upon the social implications of hair loss, or how it effects mental health and well being. Clients often feel that their hair loss has effected much more of their life than they realized. After facing their fear and reaching out for a solution to their thinning hair, Mesh for Men clients feel renewed confidence. This paves the way for these men to go for that job they always wanted or, help them with their personal and dating life.

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